Tooth Extraction Virginia Beach, VA

Sometimes, the only way to get rid of the pain from an aching tooth is to get rid of the tooth itself. When you need tooth extraction in Virginia Beach, VA, seek help from Hoek Esthetic Family Dentistry. Our affordable dentist makes it easy and convenient for you to take care of that problem right away.

Our dental practice provides cheap tooth extraction, including wisdom tooth removal for patients from Virginia Beach, Red Mill, Lago Mar, Sandbridge, and Pungo, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to remove that tooth and relieve your pain.

Affordable Tooth Extraction when a Tooth Cannot Be Saved

At our dental practice, we do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth; however, sometimes it is not the best course of action. A tooth that is badly decayed or abscessed requires removal or the decay and infection can spread throughout your mouth. The tooth cannot be saved so it is best to perform a Virginia Beach emergency tooth extraction.


After-Care for Regular & Virginia Beach Emergency Tooth Extraction

We give you local anesthetic when removing teeth, whether it’s an emergency or during scheduled surgery in preparation for dentures. Depending on your circumstances, the wound may require stitches. Your mouth requires special care after you have had a tooth pulled. Use an ice pack on your face in the area where the tooth was extracted to help with swelling. For pain, our dentist may prescribe medication. Rinsing your mouth with saltwater helps with pain and swelling, and promotes healing. Eat soft foods and avoid strenuous activity. After your mouth heals, our dentist will replace that missing tooth or teeth with a bridge or denture.

Emergency Tooth Extraction with No Insurance

You were not planning for emergency tooth extraction. No insurance coverage is available to you. That is why we offer our patients CareCredit financing. Our dental practice pays fees to this health insurance credit card company for making loans available to our patients for situations such as this. Ask us about applying for this third-party financing option.

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