Clear Braces in Virginia Beach, VA

Choose orthodontia that requires no metal brackets or wires. Select clear braces in Virginia Beach, VA, from Hoek Esthetic Family Dentistry. Our affordable dentist fits adults and children with invisible braces so no one but the dentist knows that crooked or crowded teeth are being straightened.

Straight teeth offer cosmetic and health benefits to our patients from Virginia Beach, Red Mill, Lago Mar, Sandbridge, and Pungo, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to see if this type of orthodontia is right for you.

Invisible Braces Work Gently & Effectively

We offer our patients a comfortable, convenient, and effective method of teeth straightening. Our Virginia Beach dentist recommends ClearCorrect™ invisible aligners. Over the course of your treatment, you receive several sets of new aligners that work gently to straighten your teeth. You do not have to suffer the pain of metal and wire braces in your mouth. No one knows you are wearing aligners, and you can remove them to eat and brush your teeth. For a perfect smile, schedule an appointment today.

Virginia Beach Dentist Oversees Your Treatment

You begin the journey to a more beautiful smile with a consultation with our family dentist. She examines your teeth, takes X-rays, and explains how ClearCorrect aligners work. Your X-rays go to a lab where your custom aligners are made. Every four to six weeks, you receive a new set that reflects your progress.

It takes approximately one year to straighten your teeth using this method. You wear the aligners for 22 hours each day, taking them out to brush, floss, and eat. Clear aligners work without the discomfort and pain of metal braces. They use gentle pressure to move your teeth into place over several months.

Straighten Your Teeth & Improve Your Dental Health

The goal of wearing ClearCorrect is to move your teeth into place discreetly with invisible aligners. One obvious benefit is the beauty of straight teeth. However, there are dental health merits, too.

Straight teeth are easier to clean and floss, thus preventing cavities and gum disease. Our patients love ClearCorrect for they are invisible. Teens do not feel self-conscious as they would with traditional metal braces and adults receive all the benefits of straight teeth without advertising their treatment.

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